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Firstly, people simply love to watch such performances

In fins and a mask you look very sexy!

One of the key factors influencing the outcome of a beach date is your perception of the situation. If you perceive acquaintance as some kind of aptitude test, then excitement is inevitable. And it, in turn, will lead to confusion in words, stuttering and ignorance of what else to say. Girls are interested in self-confident, strong men. And the strength here is measured not by the pumping up of the muscles, but by the inner feeling. Therefore, treat meeting a girl on the beach with ease, as if it were entertainment on a sunny day. It should be like playing cards for you. Won – well, lost – also nothing, at least had fun. Girls are also living beings and are no less interested in getting to know each other than you are. And even more.

Just imagine where her self-esteem would drop if her towel neighbor was approached by a dozen interested guys, but not a single one? Continue reading Firstly, people simply love to watch such performances