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What should you avoid doing in chat room?

Is It Safe? The main danger of chatting online is that someone will want to find you in the real world without your permission. If you want to stay safe, don’t chat about personal information. Never share financial information or agree to send someone money of any kind.

Dangerous things to do in chat rooms Believing everything people tell you. Giving out your real name and address. Talking about very personal things. Choosing chat rooms over real chums. Running up your parents’ phonebill. Allowing yourself to be harrassed online. Lying about yourself. Giving out telephone numbers.

What is advantage of chat?

They can discuss a range of topics, and even help each other understand things that might confuse them. Chatting with peers online can help young people to: discuss homework or ideas from school they didn’t understand. talk to a friend about something that’s happened at school.

What happened to e chat?

Hello, We have been suspended by the authorities due to the spam and abuse we’ve been receiving recently. Echat is now officially suspended until further notice.

Where can I chat online?

Enter a chat room if you want to meet new online friends. Continue reading What should you avoid doing in chat room?