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To join a separate route, it’s as simple as

  • #site19 – For general discussion.
  • #site17 – For getting help from staff. This channel does not require registration.
  • #thecritters – For giving and receiving critique on drafts and ideas.
  • #site11 – Technical Staff
  • #site34 – Licensing Team
  • #site77 – Maintenance and Ancillary Staff Team (MAST)
  • #site81 – Community Outreach
  • #workshop – Staff and community-led seminars and workshops.

/sign up [channel] (this can be entered in any chat window). E.g., /sign up #thecritters will take you to #thecritters. (This can also be shortened to /j #thecritters. You can leave a channel with /part #station in any window, or /area from the window of the channel you want to part.

You could potentially twice-mouse click a reputation throughout the representative list to begin with a personal content talk thereupon individual, and all of their streams and you may conversations come in brand new position club.

IRC was not built with a concept of persistent moniker control. This feature is offered of the NickServ, an assistance that welcomes registrations and you may enforces affiliate ownership away from nicknames. Continue reading To join a separate route, it’s as simple as